Friday, April 25, 2008

This will be interesting

My mom played piano when she was little. Back in the day (not that long ago, of course, HI MOM!), everybody played piano. She still, in fact, has the piano her mother learned to play, although it's on loan to a friend these days.

Mom flies in to see us today. She knows Jillian and I have been learning, but she doesn't know exactly what we've been doing. I am particularly interested in what she thinks of Jillian's progress. I'll let you know.

Little Brown Jug and Chiapanecas are 50/50 for me. That means I can make it through them without errors about half the time. So I will continue to work on them, but I am also moving on to Auld Sang Lyne, which, on first blush, looks like a piece of cake. I hope so, because I could use another wave of progress. I've been working on the same few pieces for quite awhile, it seems.

Last thing... it's warmed up considerably in Chicago these last few days. Remember the cracked soundboard? I had become used to it over the last month or two. But with the change in climate, it is taking on a new flavor, and the change isn't good. It's becoming a real burden to play this thing, and I am wondering how much that has to do with Jillian's recent reticence to play / practice. Of course, with warmer whether brings the option to play outside at a moment's notice, and that probably has something to do with it as well.

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