Monday, April 7, 2008

Light blogging this week

Or so that’s my plan. In truth, I am at a convention of computer nerds important customer event, which means little time for anything related to piano playing. Maybe I can convince the crowd to go to a piano bar (any recommendations?), but that’s about all.

But just in case, I did, after all, bring my daughter's little roll up keyboard. And I have found it is slightly better than completely useless. Which is just another of saying it has some usefulness... I can't use it to practice the pieces I am working on. It has, after all, only 31 keys, and what I am working on these days (
Good People, which is more and more starting to sound like a theme song for a 1970's sitcom) uses quite a bit of keyboard real estate. However, since I am trying to incorporate Chuan Chang's piano practice theories, that means the first step in learning a new piece is to get it down HS. So I am going through my Alfred's book (of course I brought that, you're not surprised, are you?) and working on the RH parts of the entire rest of the book. And some of them seem not so bad. Even from this little $10 toy, I can generate recognizable sounds.

It will be interesting to see to what extent this turns out to be helpful on down the line.

Last thing, and maybe I will post an entry on it later this week: Jillian starts her second round of piano lessons today, in about 45 minutes, in fact. She's fired up (I hear).

(And pardon me while I try out a sans serif font... might keep it, who knows?)

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