Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Just saying...

... this is a stunning piano.

The shop is about 15 miles south of where I live in suburban Chicago. The listing information is at this site:

Apparently, the shop isn't a pure retailer, per se, but rather a tech (or group of techs) that has some pianos. Larry Fine's book suggests that techs could be a quality source of underpriced, well-maintained instruments. In the case of this particular piano, it's a 19 year old piano that has never been owned. (Huh?) Their asking price is $8k, which I'd guess is about $2500 too much for this particular instrument, and probably twice (at least) what we'll be able to afford when we replace our piano this summer. But still, wow. And from what Larry Fine says about Astin-Weight, it's probably a quality instrument.

I'm surprised at myself. I thought I liked ebony satin finishes. But the new house is in a craftsman style, and this would fit right in.

All that said, I still think we're going to end up with a digital first, even though my wife has said she'd rather we go straight to another acoustic. I just don't think I will like our choices in the $3,000 range. For the money, I would rather pay $1000 on a digital, play on it exclusively for a year or three, and spend the rest on, oh, I don't know, grass seed. But man, if we could score this, or something like it...

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