Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I H8 sticky keys

Ugh. I am highly motivated to get Good People down. (Funny, taken out of context, that is a very peculiar statement.) There are areas on the keyboard of our old piano that, well, simply should not be visited. I haven't brought this up before, because to this point, it hasn't been a problem. But Good People takes me places on the keyboard where I've not been before, and I am starting to experience some problems. Keys stick. Sometimes, I will press a key (b-flat is bad about this), and NOTHING will happen. Other times, I will press a key, and it will take down the adjoining key as well. Mind you, I am not playing this piece well... but I sound MUCH WORSE than I really am.

Last night, I left the piano in anger. First time for that.


ral said...

I ran across your handle in the Fafblog comments and I had to drop by.

I started taking piano lessons almost 5 years ago (at age 48) and I am living proof that you can learn as an adult.

One thing I suggest is find yourself a good teacher (one with whom you are compatible). It made a huge difference for me.

Take care, have fun, and keep practicing -- it really works.

ral said...

Oh, and get a piano technician to visit and fix up the instrument.

Michelle Himes said...

Sticky keys - bad enough on a computer, I would think majorly frustrating on a piano. Can they be fixed? I hope you find a solution.

Always Wanted to Play Piano said...

Hi, ral, welcome. Thanks for the encouragement. I knew nothing of Fafblog until I ran across it in the Bad Astronomy blog. Looks like a very interesting place.

mom3gram, I am going to see if I can clean underneath these sticking keys. We'll see if that helps.

Anonymous said...

Hi, it's Casyopea here! Just wanted to say hello and keep it up!

I'll pop in again and see how you're doing



Anonymous said...

It's an upright, yes? I've had the sticky key issue on mine, too. Often as not, it is the action, not the key itself where the problem lies. Pins slip out of place, flanges or springs get loose or out of postiion, lots of things can cause keys to stick. It could be as simple as higher humidity making the wood swell. And is probably not exceptionally pricey to fix just those keys.

Always Wanted to Play Piano said...

yes, 2ndsoprano, it is an upright. This instrument has some other problems, namely a cracked soundboard. We're making do with it now while we build a house, which will be ready this summer. When we move, it won't be making the trip with us. We'll then be in the market for a replacement, AND I CAN'T WAIT! (You should see my spreadsheet weighing the potential options.)

In the meantime, I'm going to do my best with what we've got, annoying though it may be.