Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Finally, a clip for you

I got home from work early today, and had the house to myself for an hour or so. Sort of. It was me, the dog, and the cat. But they cooperated.

Although it took me about 30 minutes to get this take, it still has three major stumbles in it. But I am posting it anyway. Lord only knows how long it would take to capture a "perfect" take (whatever that may mean). This clip, errors and all, is a pretty accurate reflection of where I am at the moment. While I'm proud of and encouraged by my progress, there are acres of improvement to be realized. I have to eliminate the stumbles, even out the tempo, get smoother with the LH transitions. Once I'm done with all that, I can move on to the special sauce to really make this music. Things like paying really close attention not just to the dynamic markings, but also the way Einaudi himself uses dynamics in his recordings. I have also noticed that he tends to hold notes here and there for emphasis. I'm a long way from that kind of artistic subtlety.

(Once I get all that ironed out, maybe Monica K. will let me submit an improved version for the recital. I'd really like to start accumulating those little recital medallions!)

Listening to the clip, I am struck by how out of tune Ole Bessie is. Sorry about that. I'm used to it, but it seems particularly annoying on this recording. On the other hand, it ain't getting any better. At least the soundboard crack is behaving itself these days. Summer seems to be good for it.


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