Thursday, July 24, 2008

Getting long looks at my hands these days

Over the last three days, I've probably put about an hour and a half into Limbo. I'm still on the first page, which I can sort of play at half tempo. When I hook up the iPod and play it full speed, it's pretty messy, so I am not doing that quite so much right now.

But one thing I am noticing: I am watching my hands A LOT. I think I know why this is. I am having quite a bit of trouble with the transitions, both RH and LH. The movements are new and unfamiliar. I anticipate that this too shall pass.

The key to my learning this piece, I think, is to learn the RH so well that goes on auto-pilot. I have heard 4 or 5 different people's versions of Limbo by now, as well as two different versions from Einaudi himself. From what I can gather, the LH is the one that provides the depth and expression. Sure, it's just playing chords, but those chords (and their subtle changes) are what give depth to the RH arpeggios. So while I still need to get comfortable making LH transitions (heck, I'm still testing out different fingerings), I am going to be drilling those RH arpeggios over, and over again.

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sawtooth said...

I'll let you know that I don't stare as much at my hands while playing Limbo than when I started to learn it. My left hand handles the chord changes fairly well without being watched. I do tend to look during the octave jump down in the left hand to make sure I land correctly.