Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Completely piano-free post

Thanks to mom3gram for her warm welcome back. To answer her question, the baby is due in about three weeks. We never got a firm due date on this baby, which is probably just as well, as we've had to induce his/her older siblings. Jillian's water broke at about 38 weeks. Jason was induced at about the same stage when an ultrasound suggested (correctly) he was getting too big. Rowan likewise was induced when an ultrasound showed her to be getting big, but when she was born, she came in at a piddling 7 lbs. 9 ounces. Ever since, she's been trying to catch up, size-wise, with big sister and big brother. I don't like her chances, but she is charming enough to make up for it.

(Just to prove my point, she has just now brought the roll-up piano over to me, cranked up the volume, and is dancing to the demo tunes stored therein. She seems to like Red River Valley best. She'll be two next month.)

The target date, unless baby #4 takes matters into his/her own hands before then, has all along been August 8. There's a lot to like about this date. First, obviously, the awesome birth date (8/8/08) means the child already has its lucky numbers assigned to it. Second, it's a Friday, which is not a bad day of the week to have a baby. Third, we've got Olympics coverage starting up then, so I (I mean, Sue) can watch wall-to-wall coverage those first couple of days from the hospital bed. Unfortunately, Sue's midwife is not available on that day, so we'll see how it shakes out.

We're now in week 35, according to the latest Babycenter.com email update. And it's HOT in Chicago this week. So Sue, who has been measuring about a week ahead in that belly-circumference measurement thing they do, is pretty much ready to get this over with.

(Rowan is now making sleestak noises. And in the process of looking that link up, because I know none of you has any idea what a sleestak sounds like, I learned that a new Land of the Lost movie is in production, to be released next year. Starring Will Ferrell and Anna Friel. Good heavens, that sounds like a train wreck.)

So what about the house? Isn't that supposed to be done about that same time? Thankfully, we have some say on the closing date. Our builder needs to close "some time in August". We figure (well, Sue figures) two weeks should be enough time for her to recover enough to be a useful mover, so we're looking to take the keys to the new house August 22. School starts five busy days later.

She went out last week to take a look at things, and came back with this picture (among others):

Finally, the math geek in me thinks this is funny. Poor 8.

(Rowan is now playing Hullabaloo. Add that to my list of recommended kid games, for those of you shopping for birthday parties and such.)


Michelle Himes said...

Thanks for the baby update. As a grandma of 10, I'm always interested in baby news.

P.S. Your new house is gorgeous!

sawtooth said...

Always nice to have any updates at all. Piano isn't everything.

The home is looking fairly nice. The area it is located in looks fairly nice as well. I don't feel like looking back at other posts or if you mentioned it before, but what area is it in?

By the way, I spent some growing up years really close by midway airport as well as time up near the Wisconsin border in McHenry.