Friday, January 30, 2009

Unexpected Piano Music Part Five: Fake Empire

This is by a group called The National. These guys were apparently regular cubicle schmoes who just happened to play music together periodically. At some point, they decided to give up the glamorous Dilbert life, and try to make it big as rock stars. I think they're still at it, so it must be working for them.

You don’t have to listen to the entire song this time. In fact, it gets a little cacophonous (thank you spell checker) at the end. You wonder if they were seeing how many people they could fit in the studio. But I am really impressed with the piano part in the first minute or so, especially how the LH and RH parts seem to be playing on entirely unrelated time signatures. But it works.

U2 fans may want to hang in there until at least the 1:45 mark, when it sure sounds like they signed up Larry Mullen Jr. to sit in on the session.

Fake Empire - The National

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