Monday, January 19, 2009

iMeem - is it working for you?

So far, most of the music links I have posted here have pointed to recordings I have uploaded to, or found on, I like this music host because:

a) It has a fairly extensive collection of stuff already uploaded to it.
To prove my own point to myself, I just thought to myself "Ok, think of something obscure, and see if you can find it on iMeem." Immediately the Waterboys popped in my head. They are an obscure (but not totally unknown) group of musicians from the British Isles who play Celtic-themed music (go figure). 157 hits. Another search for local Nashville musician Webb Wilder (the self-proclaimed "Last of the Full-Grown Men") returned 37 hits. Believe me, if you can find 37 entries for Webb Wilder, it's quite likely that you can find pretty much anything, musically speaking.

b) I can upload my own stuff to it easily.
Without going into detail, trust me when I say that uploading is easy. Which leads me to...

c) I can embed recordings directly on this here blog.
Like Youtube, iMeem provides a code I can then use to embed recordings on Aw2pp. But herein lies the problem, and I need your input on this.

Multiple folks have contacted me to say that they cannot get anything to play off my iMeem links. Myself, I have never had this problem. In my mind, this works. But I'm not the target audience here, you are. And if you can't play the music, what's the point? In that case, I need to find alternate means of sharing music with you.

So here's a test. Below, I am embedding my two-week-old, imperfect recording of I Due Fiumi. Could you do me the favor of clicking on the play button (if indeed you see one), and seeing if you can hear some piano music?

i due fiumi 1-5-2009 - Aw2pp

Those of you who can't fire up the link, can you tell me what you are experiencing? In theory, you are supposed to see something like this:

If you don't... well, I need to start looking into a new music host.


Sue said...

i hear it babe...

Always Wanted to Play Piano said...


AnthonyB said...

I'll have to report in as one of the ones in the "non-functional" category.

It's likely due to flash player 10 (64 bit alpha version) on linux. I know it had worked in the past but there's no way I'm going back to flash 9 at this point. Of course, I don't care about the other songs as much but I'd like to hear your recordings. :)

I'm pretty sure that can embed a file in a blog. It's one of the extra "openbox" services as they call it. I've got no idea what it looks like though and would only be useful for your recordings.