Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Who has time for piano...

... when there is late summer fun to be had? Indulge me.

The World's Largest Kindergartner.

He can ride his bike just fine, but sometimes likes to slum it.

Rowan often has this look, where she's apparently been caught in the act of doing something she ought not. And there are times, like this, when it isn't immediately apparent what she's done.

Jason is explaining to Rowan why he can't pull her wagon while riding the tricycle.

She seems ok with it, but isn't sure what to do now that she's not going anywhere.

Wait, she has an idea.

Marlon Brando has nothing on me!

Believe it or not, the bandana was her idea.

When you're cute, you get away with things like mangling papa's hostas.

Jillian, in a rare moment of levity.

These are pics from one of our last nights at Sue's folks house. Pics from the new place coming up.

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