Thursday, September 25, 2008

Things that cost around $4,500

Hailun 125. This would probably the first (new) piano I would try out, if I were in the market.

1,300 shares of AIG.*

* - Which, as recently as this time last year, would have cost you around $100k.

Kawai K-2. Almost certainly the next (new) piano on the list.

Some random Yamaha Clavinova (their line of high-end digital pianos). Yamaha is notoriously opaque when it comes to Clavinova pricing. The cynic in me says this is their attempt to align Clavinovas with the rest of the piano world, which is equally secretive about pricing. I am sure there is one somewhere in the lineup that costs mid $4k.

A new wine cellar. Nothing fancy, of course.

(Bonus points for anyone who can identify the gentleman in that picture. Hint: it's not me.)

A cruise for 2 to St. John's. *

* - I'm guessing here. It's been a few years since Sue and I have made this trip.

"A year's worth of babysitting. So I could run errands." - Thanks, Sue, for the contribution. Way to dream big there.

1.25 acres of grass seed and straw. *

* - It's more than that, of course. There's the two days it took the gentleman and his tractor to clear what had been there before (for many, many years before, in fact). There's the labor for the army of gentlemen who distributed said grass seed and straw throughout our yard. And some odds and ends here and there, to complete the package. For now.

I think we made the right call. In fact, if you look really closely at that last pic, you can see that, as of day five, we already have little spits of grass coming up. And while there are many frivolous yet exciting things in the world, you'd be surprised to find out how happy this makes me.


Anonymous said...

That's Geddy Lee in the wine cellar. Odd voice, but somehow addicting...

Nice looking lawn you got in progress there. The hills look like they will be murder to mow! We killed two riding mowers on hills like that!

Always Wanted to Play Piano said...

2ndsoprano wins the prize! I grew up a Rush fan, then later became a bit of a wine geek. Was surprised to find out Geddy is quite a wine aficionado himself.

As to the hills, that's 18 feet of elevation change from one corner of the lot to another. This was sort of hidden by the weeds that were there before, but there's no hiding it now. Can't wait for winter!

Always Wanted to Play Piano said...

And by the way, two riding lawn mowers went down? I hope nobody got hurt!

Sue said...

i was going to say Ozzie Osbourne... close right?

Anonymous said...

Hope you've got a good snowblower and plow!

Not killed in the "crash-and-burn" sense, but blew the motors because the hills are so steep. Now we just pay a nice man to come with his multi-thousand dollar pro mower and he takes care of it for us! Same thing in winter, excwpt he uses a truck and a plow then! LOL

Always Wanted to Play Piano said...

Sue, come to think of it, there is a slight resemblance there. (Shiver to think what Ozzie's wine cellar might look like.)

Monica K. said...

What a beautiful home, AWTPP. Love your blog. :)

Always Wanted to Play Piano said...

Thanks, Monica!