Thursday, September 4, 2008

And... we're in!

We've been in the new house, actually, since last Friday night. I think it was Friday night. It's hard to say, actually. Out here in the country, the specific days of the week have less meaning. We go to bed earlier, wake up earlier*, and don't watch nearly as much TV**. I hear something about a Republican convention, and that even the NFL is starting this week. Am I missing anything else?

* - Thank you 6:30 AM sunrise into east-facing windows in the kids' rooms.. whose design idea was THAT?

** - Of course, our significantly reduced TV consumption is due not so much to a new, back-to-the-basics lifestyle we've adopted in our new surroundings. No, it's much less noble than that. It's because WE HAVE NO TV because Comcast is taking ten days to get us hooked up.

Speaking of which, this is us right now:

Yes, we are pirating borrowing our new neighbors' bandwidth. We've been here not even a week, and already, we're bad neighbors.

We have not, however, subjected them to our piano music. Fact is, Ole Bessie has not made the trip to the new house, and in all likelihood, she never will. (Moment of silence... ... thank you.) I'll explain later, but for now, we're piano-less, and too busy opening boxes and figuring out where everything goes to miss it. Once things get settled in, we'll start looking for a teacher for the kids, and maybe for me. We'll also need to replace Bessie with something or other. What blog fodder! (Blodder? If that's not a word, it should be.)

Now, what box has the Mac-N-Cheese...?


Anonymous said...

Good to hear you made it into the new house. I'm sure you are all excited and relieved. Tho I do not envy you the unpacking, sorting and putting away parts!

Poor Ole Bessie. She got a moment of silence from NH. But she served well and probably deserves her rest. Are you still thinking digital?

Oh, and -- pictures of the house?? {EG}

Always Wanted to Play Piano said...

Hi, 2ndsoprano, good to see you again. I'll see if I can some pics posted.