Sunday, February 22, 2009

Make it four

When last we talked, I had resolved to focus my attention on three strong possibilities. Late Friday afternoon, a fourth entered the picture. So my interview schedule looks like this over the first part of this week:

Monday morning - Goodbye IBM. (Exit interview.)
Monday afternoon - Interview #2 with largest competitor.
Tuesday morning - Interview #2 with tiny but thriving company.
Tuesday afternoon - Interview #1 with very large customer.
Wednesday morning - Interview #1 with a medium-sized customer.

At this point, all four opportunities are strong. In 2 cases, I have already talked to the hiring manager on the phone and they seemed to like me. In the others, the hiring manager told their corporate recruiter "This is the first guy I want to talk to." Ya gotta think (I do, that's for sure) that, of these four, an offer is going to come from one of them. If not... I gotta brush up on my interview skills, I guess.

So consider this a heads up... light blogging until maybe Wednesday afternoon.

- Aw2pp, who, in all the commotion, failed to notice that pitchers and catchers reported.


M.A. said...

Way to go, Jim, we'll keep checking in for updates!

pdxknitterati said...

Fingers crossed for you! (this is going to interfere with piano and knitting. maybe mental fingers crossed)

Good luck, and knock 'em dead! Figuratively only.


Always Wanted to Play Piano said...

Thanks, y'all!