Tuesday, February 17, 2009

100 applications, and counting

This morning, at 8:45 AM, I applied for a Senior Sales Consultant position at Informatica. This was a fairly unremarkable event in most ways. The opening was one I felt I could do, based out of the Chicago area. In placing my application, I felt confident that I would want to talk to me about it, if I were the hiring manager. This has been the case for many of the applications I've placed lately. Once I gave myself permission to apply for openings at IBM competitors, that really opened Pandora's Box... let's face it, EVERYBODY competes with IBM.

Anyway, what was remarkable about this application was that it was #100. In the two hours since, I have placed an additional five applications, bringing our count to:

Applications placed: 105
Rejections: 17*
Interviews: 6
Offers: 0

* - I gave myself credit for another half rejection. There was an IBM internal opening that popped up on the career portal Sunday evening. I was all over it. Applied, wrote a fancy "You need me now" letter, found the hiring manager, and contacted her. "I'm sorry, I know the position was just posted, but we've already filled it. If something else comes up, we'll let you know."

There is good news, however. Namely, it turns out that our competitors, especially our big competitors, want to talk to me. And are hiring. More later.

Oh, and I have started earnestly working on Alfred's Book II. Guantanamera is HARD.

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