Friday, February 13, 2009

Job search continues

I hope you are halfway interested in job searching. It appears, for the time being, that it's going to continue.

The good news: a small software concluded I was the right person for a need they have.

The bad news: a deal fell through at said small software company, and now their sales pipeline is too weak to justify bringing me (or anyone else) on board. "You are what we are looking for. When the pipeline gets healthy again, you are the first call we are going to make, and we're going to extend you an offer. Could be next week. Could be six weeks. Could be six months."

"Thank you sir, may I have another?"

We'll only give that credit for a half rejection. Therefore, the updated count is:

79 applications placed
13 and a half rejections
1 legit opportunity I am progressing
3 opportunities could become legit if the company gets back to me*
0 offers

* - Which, of course, I think they should. (I'm looking in your direction, JPMorgan. It is in your best interests to interview me.)

Having saturated my customers with applications, I have now turned to (gasp) competitors to see which of them are hiring. Turns out, some are hiring. This is not easy... over the years, some competitors* have engaged in deceitful sales practices in competitive opportunities I've been on. For example, I was in the room with a customer, on a conference call with a competitor / business partner that, on this opportunity, was supposed to be our ally. As we were talking about a schedule for some project deliverables, the business partner on the phone forgot I was in the room, and said "Of course, it's IBM we're talking about, and you know you can't trust those guys for anything." I mean, WHOA, cowboy! I would NEVER say that about a competitor... even if I believed it.**

* - I refuse to name names here... after all, I may be working for one of them before long.

** - And in some cases, I do.

But that is the modus operandi in some sales organizations: win at all costs. And now I have submitted applications into some of those organizations. Who'da thunkit?

- Aw2pp, whose transformation to the Dark Side is nearly complete...

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