Friday, October 17, 2008

Wow, that lawn grew in fast

Mentioned this during yesterday's epic post. On September 24, our newly seeded lawn looked like this.

Yesterday, while I was waiting for Jillian's bus, it looked like this.

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sawtooth said...

Supposedly autumn is a great time to get a lawn started. I guess the grass seeds germinate at lower temps that most weed seeds which gives the lawn a head start rooting with less competition.

We'll soon be getting to the end of mowing season here in Minnesota, but the last few are usually pretty rough with coats, gloves, hats and not much light. Luckily the lawn tractor can compensate for that last fact.

It is also nice when you can stick on the bags and attempt to suck up the leaves that way instead of having to rake everything. However, I doubt you'll have much trouble in that department for now. :)