Monday, October 27, 2008

Meaning no offense to any Database Administrators here...

AW2PP: ...ok, we got the file adapter listener cleared up
AW2PP: trying to get update_email to work
AW2PP: it complains: "a1 Customer record for insert must have validated profile record defined"

ISSW Guy: hmm
ISSW Guy: damn...that makes no sense to me

AW2PP: ...seriously, right
AW2PP: i'm going through the email and phone maps to make sure they match up where they should
AW2PP: oh wait
AW2PP: N1 CREDIT_HOLD has an invalid value
AW2PP: that's much clearer

ISSW Guy: that would do it
ISSW Guy: should be set to N

AW2PP: ...I had a lowercase n
AW2PP: I hate databases

ISSW Guy: ha
ISSW Guy: yep
ISSW Guy: the other day I had a failure because the "h" key is just above the "n"

AW2PP: ...and you have skinny little fingers... imagine the trouble corpulent DBA's have with this sort of thing

ISSW Guy: :)

AW2PP:'s enough to drive them surly

ISSW Guy: I'm cracking up here

AW2PP: ...come to think of it... most DBA's I've ever known... ah, never mind

ISSW Guy: :)

AW2PP: ...success! should I chance to update it?

ISSW Guy: awesome!
ISSW Guy: Heck no, don't touch it. It might break. hurry up and show the customer before it does!

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