Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Note to Myself

This post is not really for your blog enjoyment / reading pleasure. Not that I don’t care about your blog enjoyment / reading pleasure. Rather, this is a note to myself, since I am annoyed by having to look these steps up every time I need them. And I haven’t done this enough (er, at all, really) to have the process committed to memory.

How does one go from “Hey, I am playing piano” to “Here is my mp3, load it onto your iPod”?

  1. Connect the DP to your computer using, for example, a MIDI to USB cable.
  2. Record using something like Red Dot Forever, which captures MIDI signals.
  3. Convert the resulting Midi file to an intermediate format, like WAV*, using something like SynthFont.
  4. Convert the WAV file to mp3 using something like WinLAME.

*- WAV would be a good format to use for creating CD’s. Of course you can record mp3’s to CD, but mp3’s are really more for archiving music. For CD purposes, the compression you get from the mp3 format isn’t needed, and results in some loss of depth and detail.

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sawtooth said...

Even though it appears the numbers on the steps only appear in the rss feed I'm afraid you left off step 5.

5) Profit