Sunday, February 28, 2010

Our first ER visit, and other stuff

Jillian is age 8, Jason 7, Rowan 3 1/2, and Joey 1 1/2. That's 20 kid-years, and we've managed to get by without so much as a single stitch. Personally, I thought Rowan, with her reckless nature and preternatural confidence in her gross motor skills, would be our first ER patient. Wrong. Say hello to Joey, fresh off challenging the glass door on a TV stand:

Under that band-aid is a nice, clean 1" gash, sutured with some sort of glue and a couple of butterfly bandages. He looks like a hockey player. But he'll be fine. No stitches, so we're still 0-fer on that metric.

I know February is a short month, but gee-whiz, where did it go? Tomorrow is March 1, which means Spring is only 6 to 8 weeks away here 41 miles west of Chicago. To my friends and family who are already basking in the new warmth, good on ya. We're not insulted that nobody visits us this time of year. Really, we're not.

Not a lot of piano news. Work? I'm still my own rep, which means, among other things, fewer bench hours for me. PT has been very gracious accommodating my capricious schedule. Currently, I am scheduled for lessons Wednesdays at 3:30, but that time has been hit-and-miss this month. Thankfully, we've been able to backfill lessons as other students drop their slots. But it also means my progress is slow... I had hoped to be able to play Le Onde all the way through by now, for instance, but no dice. That second page, it gives me fits...

In other news, the kids earned their Tae Kwon Do Yellow Belts yesterday. Photographic proof follows:

Jillian's proud. It's easy to tell with her. Here's hoping that will always be true.

Now the kids on the playground will be even less likely to mess with The World's Largest Seven Year Old. Not that this was a problem in the first place.

Rowan and Boomer, alas, did not test. But they still had fun. Her time will come. Boomer's, I'm less sure. He (I think it's a he) doesn't seem to be taking well to his Poomse.

Me? I missed it. I was off playing volleyball. My test is this week, though. The only problem I have had in practice is with board breaks. Let me testify: if your teacher tells you to hit the board with the side of your hand, you need to listen to them. From my experience, I can tell you that it is possible to break boards with your ulna (that is, the outside of your wrist or lower arm), but the board may not be the only casualty in the encounter.

(Yes, I broke it. The board that is. Not my ulna.)

- Aw2pp, who already misses Curling.


Michelle Himes said...

You got away easy if this was your first ER visit. :-)

I have a nephew who is a piano major right now, and is also a black belt. His dad cringes every time he watches him break boards for his tests. Careful of those "piano hands".

Volleyball can also damage piano hands, as well as basketball, which I am actually engaged in. I joined an over 60 women's team at the Y last year, and have injured my pinky fingers several times.

Hope you get more practice time soon.

Jennifer said...

I love that your whole fam is in TKD! So awesome!

And Justin and I are having MAJOR curling withdrawal as well! I feel lame admitting it but even my kids were interested in learning how it worked. Though, to be honest their favorite part was about the last 2 stones per team per end!