Monday, September 28, 2009

"You are under my control"...

We've been watching "Meet The Robinsons" lately. One of Rowan's favorite parts are when the villain (aka "Bowler Hat Guy") hypnotizes various creatures*. To ensure they have reached the proper level of suggestibility, he tells them, dreamily, "You are under my control..." To which, the hypnotized animal replies, dutifully, "I am under your control..."

* - Mainly, the Singing Frog, but also a dinosaur... yes, this all makes sense if you see the movie.

Now that you have that image in mind, add our little three year old, walking around the house with a yo-yo, waving it back and forth slowly, and saying, in a forced monotone, "You are under my control..." If only she knew how much we, her parents are under her control. Hmm, come to think of it, maybe she does know. Let's table this topic for another day.

All this leads up to today's Useless Internet Drivel link. Those of you who are subject to motion sickness... move along now, you must leave. Likewise, any of you who are subject to visually-induced migraines or seizures. Away with you. But the rest... click on this link, and follow the instructions. IT'S AWESOME! (And a little unexpected, I must say, but that's just me.)

Visual Trick that messes with you

- Aw2pp, who took about a minute to fully recover from this. Just to warn you.

1 comment:

GranDeb said...

Okay, sigh, I believe you....I get motion sickness when I'm driving my own I won't click!!!
However, I do love the 'you are under my control' story...and I know exactly what scene to which you are referring....Saw it several times...first in 3-D I think....pretty sure I got sick!!!
Our went around saying 'I have a big head and little arms'.....

I am also very glad I used such good judgement and refrained from talking trash before the Rice-Vandy football game!! You took the pigskin prize but Rice definitely won the halftime show!! Besides the fact that your band didn't even come (guaranteeing a slam dunk), the MOB got in some pretty good digs!!! Seriously, check the Rice MOB was good!!!

Later....heading off the get my caffeine patch!!!