Friday, September 25, 2009

Nerds only, please

If you don't place yourself in some sort of nerd-relatedcategory, please go about your business. Nothing to see here. Have a good weekend.

The rest of you* (er, us) will appreciate the amazing awesomeness of this mix. I'm speechless in its presence.

* - And, given that this is a piano-related blog, that probably still constitutes a not-insignificant number. It's not like we're discussing something trendy, like Project Runway, Las Vegas, or Dan Brown's latest release.**

** - Although feel free to discuss these things amongst yourselves, natch.

And just to lay claim to some serious nerd credentials here, it's in my DNA: my Aunt and Uncle were part of the production crew for the original Cosmos series. In fact, that set for "Spaceship of the Mind" was the brainchild and creation of my Uncle John, who also reviews cars for a living. He has an Emmy at his home in San Pedro to prove it, and he'll let you hold it if I bring a nice Central Coast Cab with you. Personal experience suggests Justin Isosceles will do the trick nicely.

But I digress. Enjoy every moment of this. I know you will.

- Aw2pp, who will wear glasses (not contacts!) if'n he ever needs them.


AnthonyB said...

Uh oh. I managed to watch this before you posted it here. I also wear glasses and not contacts. (I ran across the video from one of the many science related blogs on my RSS feed)

ral said...


Always Wanted to Play Piano said...

Bad Astronomer? I just posted another link of his...

AnthonyB said...

Yeah, I saw it from my BA rss feed. :)