Friday, June 19, 2009

Theme from Solace

Here's a new recording for you. I'll give you your links, you can fire them up, then read on as I yammer about what I've done here. link for AnthonyB and others:

Imeem link, just in case you've a preference for it:

Theme from Solace - Aw2pp

I began this piece a couple weeks ago, when I beaten I Due Fiumi to smithereens. SO I guess you are hearing two week's worth of progress here. It was slow going at first, mainly because I was not the least bit familiar with the tune. (" 'Solace?' Is that some sort of chick movie I missed?") But PianoNoobAlexMan's recording on Youtube got me off and running. There were two measures that I had particular trouble with (right around the 40 second mark is the first instance), and I had to CC Chang those measures to get them down. Thankfully, Joey and Rowan expressed a great deal of patience with me while I played those measures over and over and over and...

Only other comment: I think the repeat is totally and completely superfluous. Listening to the recording, at about the 1:25 mark or so, I say to myself, "Good grief, finish this piece already." Just in case you are saying that to yourself as you are listening along, I want you to know that I am way ahead of you.

- Aw2pp, who just turned on the AC last night for the first time this year. It was the humidity, mind you.

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