Saturday, June 6, 2009

Quick recital reax

Jillian and I give ourselves a solid B+.

Could we have played better? Sure.

Are we happy with how we played? Darn right we are!

Was she nervous? Nah, this sort of thing doesn't bother her.

Me? Boy howdy, was I. It was interesting. I felt somewhat nervous, but that pretty much went away when I hit the first few notes correctly. Unfortunately, my hands and legs failed to get this message, as they were shaking almost throughout the entirety of my performance. I haven't looked at the tape yet, so I will be interested in seeing if this is noticeable there. But believe me, the shaking itself actually caused an error here and there. But don't tell anyone... they think I did fine.

And they're right, it did go, all in all, pretty well.

Pics and vids later.

- Aw2pp, concert pianist (at least for one night)


Michelle Himes said...

Congratulations to you and to Jillian. I'm glad that it went so well.


pdxknitterati said...


My legs never shook. Just my hands. And, dude, that was really scary, because the hands are supposed to be making beautiful music!

ral said...

Congratulations and I hope this is just the beginning of a long and rewarding process.

Always Wanted to Play Piano said...

Seriously, legs and hands shaking. Wouldn't have been so bad, except I had a lot of pedaling to do (both feet!)

Thanks all for your warm wishes.