Friday, November 21, 2008

I want to keep this guy on my good side

From this Pianoworld topic, I quote Monica K, a periodic visitor here.

So I landed safe and sound in SF, on my way to the Einaudi concert. As the plane taxied to the gate, I turned my cell phone on, and it rang a couple of minutes later. It was AnthonyB, who asked if I had arrived, and we chatted a minute or two about the free concert in a music store that Einaudi was giving tonight, which Anthony was able to attend but I was not (I didn't find out about it until AFTER I had booked my flight).

So then Anthony said something like "somebody wants to talk to you" and then another voice came on the phone, saying "Monica?" I thought it was some other PW member that Anthony had hooked up with, so I said "Yeah? Who is this?" And then the person said "This is Ludovico."

At which point I said something brilliant like "You're kidding!" and then started babbling and telling him how much I was looking forward to the concert tomorrow. [heart] He said "I will see you tomorrow" and then handed the phone back to Anthony.

Wow. Just wow.

The people around me on the plane thought I was pretty weird, though.

Mind you, Monica, from what I understand, is a professor at the University of Kentucky. English, I think? Point being, as much as she sounds like a stammering, giddy teenager who has just met The Osmonds Wham! the Hanson Brothers Justin Timberlake (insert whoever is today's teen idol, I am clearly not with-it-and-hip) for the first time, this is an otherwise reasonable and articulate person. She was rendered speechless by a impromptu greeting from Ludovico Einaudi.

This Anthony person... we know him as Sawtooth. He blindsided poor Monica. Shameful. Who knew he was capable of such trickery, such surreptitious deception? This is a person I want to keep on my good side. Sawtooth, can I get you a glass of water or something? A pillow? Newspaper? Everything good there?

Monica, Anthony, and a handful of others are in San Francisco for an Einaudi concert. Looks like it's the only North American event on the docket. If he makes it to Chicago, we're there. I think he'd make a great Ravinia guest, but what do I know?


AnthonyB said...

Well, there are two shows in Boston today (Saturday) and Sunday as well as one in New York City. I truly was hoping he would have gone to Chicago (It apparently was an option at some point but I guess it fell through. However, I guess it might be better in the long run to wait as I'm sure Monica might be able to find another excuse to go to a concert and then we could have another meeting. Of course, it isn't nice that you would have to wait for such an event but I'm just trying to find some positive point for you.

Besides, I couldn't have him say hi to you as I don't even have your phone number!

Monica K. said...

Hee hee. Wish I could issue an angry rebuttal and claim that I was articulate and witty, but no, the giddy preteen talking to an idol comparison is apt. ;-)

It was a wonderful treat and tremendously sweet of Anthony to share his face-time with Einaudi with me. :)

And next time Einaudi makes it back to the States, you can bet I'll be there.