Thursday, May 8, 2008

Fun conversation

Daddy, why don't you play the piano much these days?

Well, Jillian, I do still play it. We've just been busy lately, that's all. But I sometimes play when you are at school, or at soccer practice. I get time when I can.

Ok. I was thinking to myself, it seems like I play more than you.

Well, you might. But that is ok, really. I'll get enough practice, I promise.

You know what you need... a recordion!

A what now? An accordion? (I pantomime playing an accordion.)

You know... (She pantomimes putting on a pair of headphones, and playing a piano. Then closes her eyes, and shakes her head back and forth, Stevie Wonder style...)

Oh, ok. You mean a Digital Piano. Yeah, we might do that.

And you know, you could play your songs, and nobody would hear you.

Oh, and that's important?

Well sometimes, when you do play, you play the same thing... over and OVER again. It's not so, you know, interesting.

And a digital piano would make the music more interesting?

Well, no, but only you would hear it. Then you could turn it up louder if you wanted other people to hear you.

It's certainly a thought, Jillian.


discopalace said...

Want to borrow my accordion? :)

Always Wanted to Play Piano said...

That discopalace has an accordion is going to provide me with years and years of spontaneous laughter.