Tuesday, August 10, 2010

No recital piece this time

For the first time in, I guess, a year and half, I won't be submitting an ABF Quarterly Recital piece. The Kuhlau Sonatina just isn't there (it's hard, did I mention that?) and I just can't bring myself to submit Hava Nagila from Alfred's. Partly because it's a somewhat fun but mostly annoying piece of music, and partly because I am simply not playing it very well. I am sure if I played it better it would be more fun than annoying, but for as long as I have been working on it, I'd have thought I would have reached that point by now.

I'm not happy about this, I must say.

In other (and related) news, we spent most of the last week in Tennessee, helping Gramma MA spend some of her timeshare points in Gatlinburg. Brief synopsis: first part of the trip was hot, crowded, touristy, and quite a bit of fun, but probably not enough fun to return for. Second half was spent in the Smoky Mountains National Park, and... wow. Words fail me (as they often do). Amazing, outstanding, even more fun than Dollywood, if'n you can believe that. (Which is really saying something... Dollywood had the added bonus of continuous ragtime being piped through the park, coming at you from all directions.) Lots of spontaneous fun that we didn't plan for, and didn't see coming.

- Aw2pp, who is considering wearing a coonskin cap at all times, henceforth.


Michelle Himes said...

Your pieces are getting more difficult, and it looks like they will be needing more than 3 months to perfect for a recital. Don't sweat it! After all, it takes me that long learn an Alfred piece, and we aren't even talking polished here. I think you have been doing amazingly well.

Maybe in between the hard ones, you need to have a couple of easier ones to keep in mind for the ABF recitals. Just a suggestion.


Always Wanted to Play Piano said...

Thanks! Tell me, what are you working on in Alfred's these days? I might try to record Space Shuttle Blues, just for grins. That's my latest.

Michelle Himes said...

I'm working on La Bamba. Can't move my fingers or my brain fast enough. Everyone tells me to just skip it, and I might end up doing that but I'm not ready to give up just yet.

I don't think I've ever gotten anything to sound good enough for a recital. Hmm... Maybe Greensleeves back in Book 1.

I'll look forward to hearing your Space Shuttle Blues.