Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Le Onde - Final Take

(Two posts in one day? Blogger overload. I may have to take a day off tomorrow.)

As I said earlier, today is / was piano lesson day. I stumbled my way through Night Song in Alfred's... that is MUCH harder than I thought it would be, and it will need another week before we move on to Hava Nagila. Then I launched into Le Onde. It was pretty good... not perfect, but good. I told her I was trying to put together a good recording for the ABF Recital (a concept that still mystifies her, by the way... online recitals?) And that it would be nice if I could put together perfect recording, but also that I'd come around to the idea that "good" is good enough.

She said something she'd said before: "It's good enough. Don't try to improve it. You may improve it, but not by trying. Strive for excellence, which is much more attainable and worthwhile than perfection."

I got home, pushed the record button, and five minutes later, ended up with this. Hope you like it. It's good enough. Imperfect, yes, but good enough. More thoughts on it later this week (as you've come to expect from me). link to a recording of Le Onde I'll be submitting as my recital piece

- Aw2pp, goat rodeo clown.


M.A. said...

If "le onde" means waves I can see them in your recording! Awesome. WW says he really really enjoyed it too. Congratulations!

Michelle Himes said...

That was awesome! I'm totally impressed.


Unknown said...

It is beautiful Jim! Magnifico! I found a definition of "perfect" that may satisfy is this case:

"d : faithfully reproducing the original."

Seems appropriate in this regard. And it's not opposite day!

Love you!