Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Jillian's ABF Quarterly Recital Piece

Jillian recently recorded the following, and asked me to submit it to the Pianoworld Adult Beginner's Forum Quarterly Recital. It's called "Morning Prelude", and it is found on page 36 of Jillian's Bastien Piano Basics (Level 1) Book.

I am not entirely certain how to get this submitted, since Pianoworld doesn't allow 7 year-olds to register. But I'm sure we'll get that worked out in due time. Meanwhile, here are her comments on the piece:

I chose my song "Morning Prelude" because it was my first song I got to use the pedal on. I have thought it sounded really pretty, and I hope you do too.

She could give me lessons on being succinct.

- Aw2pp, quick learner.


Michelle Himes said...

How wonderful! You should be really proud of her. (I have that book, but I guess I hadn't gotten that far in it,because I don't remember that piece).

I hope that you can figure out a way to add Jillian's piece to the recital. Is it possible for you to submit two pieces under your own name - and just add "by Jillian - age x" to the title? Or would the recital program automatically erase your first entry if you added a second? Or you could just start it's own thread titled "Jillian's recital piece".

P.S. Some day I need to ask your advice on how to record my stuff - since my AP-200 is downstairs and my pc is upstairs. (Do they make VERY long extention cables???LOL) Not ready for a recital yet, just looking ahead.


Always Wanted to Play Piano said...

The way we record... I wish I could make it simple, but it's a multi-step process. And yes, the Ap-200 has to be physically connected to a computer as part of the process. There are some digital pianos that have a USB connection, which lets you download recordings onto a memory device, but ours does not.

So I'm afraid you are going to have to get a laptop or provide some other means for connecting your piano to a computer.

Jillian did great, and had considerably less difficulty with her recording than I did. (Mine is coming later today.) I did find a way to get her entered as recital piece #40. She is immune, I think, to performance anxiety.

Looking forward to seeing you in the Book 2 thread!

Michelle Himes said...

Yeah, I thought as much but I hoped you had some less expensive idea that I hadn't thought of. :-(