Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I'm stuck

I do have a recording for you, but not today. Instead, I will whine about the piece I was supposed to have finished weeks ago. In Alfred's, it goes by the unassuming title Introduction and Dance, a Folk* song.

* - This Folk fellow... quite a prolific composer. Lots of Alfred's Book 2 pieces are attributed to him.

When I got started, it seemed simple enough. Sure, it's a minor key, and sure I tend to struggle with those for some reason. Two pages, with a repeat. I didn't recognize most of the first page, until the last three notes. Then I knew what I was playing. It was foisted upon us the year I was born, and remained on the airwaves for so long, I actually have childhood memories of hearing it on the radio. Naturally, I had the good sense even at a young age to develop a healthy hatred for this song, a whiny, defeated longing for times gone by. Here, in case you don't know what I am talking about, enjoy this clip, for all its putrescence. Please join me in despising this music with the fiery passion of a thousand burning suns.

Yick. I don't blame you if you never come back here again. I am sure it's pieces like this that convinced Anthony B to learn piano using his all-Einaudi repertoire. Heavens, even my piano teacher dislikes it... I stumbled through it for her last week. When I finished, I started to point to a measure I have trouble with, but she stopped me, saying simply, "I think we've heard enough of this one."

So you'd think I'd just move on, wouldn't you? Thing is, it is my very hatred of this music that keeps me from letting it go without perfecting it. Sounds strange, I know. But there is a voice in my head (don't laugh, you have them too) that says, "You can't let THIS beat you, can you?"

No, I can't. So Alfred's progress (and, to a lesser extent, progress on my Clementi Sonatina) stalls while I grit my teeth and try to pound out a recording.

- Aw2pp, with a tip o' the bowler to Aleister Crowley.


pdxknitterati/MicheleLB said...

I couldn't even click the "play" button because I didn't want to hear it and get it stuck in my head!

But isn't it funny when you play through a whole piece of music without really hearing it, and then it suddenly clicks? Makes me laugh at myself when I do that.

Always Wanted to Play Piano said...

Good move on your part. Talking about getting it stuck in your head... I have actually had dreams about this music over the last couple of weeks.

AnthonyB said...

I'm "young" enough to have not heard that song before. That sure was one slow and long song (and the video cut it off at 4:21? Yikes.)

I will make a bit of a note that the all Einaudi song choices aren't entirely because that is all I want to play. It is simply the fact that Einaudi currently dominates my sheet music collection. :) I have a few other pieces that I've been working on but they're much harder than the Einaudi stuff.

Always Wanted to Play Piano said...

Quick question on that... have you listened to Nightbook yet? Any thoughts?