Friday, May 29, 2009

US Open Pix

Mainly for interested family members. The rest of you can... uh... read about how mean Tasmanian Devils are to each other.

The pictures were from a Day 2 match against Creole, a fabled team from NYC. They were pretty good, but we won in three games.

I am fairly certain this tip landed in front of Kevin, the gentleman poised on the right. That's me blocking middle there (number 11).

Though I think we got him this time, the guy on the other team pretty much owned me this match. Number 4 there is Brad, the person I mentioned last post who flew in to see the Einaudi concert.

That's me on the left, demonstrating how NOT to block. (You see, if the ball hits my hands there, it goes back to the other side of the net, out of bounds. Which is exactly what happened, if I recall this play correctly.)

Serving a jump-float. Strange face.

I just barely got a touch on this, which was good enough for it to go down and land on the other floor.

Hmm. I think the only three times we / I stopped this guy, we got pictures of it. This time it was his own fault, as you see him hitting the ball in the net. Thankfully, there are no pictures of the 27 or so kills he must have had against me.

Eventually, I figured out he really, REALLY liked to hit the ball to his right.

- Aw2pp, the shiny-headed guy

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