Wednesday, April 8, 2009

This is a new one

Hyatt finally got back to me. After a week trying to decide between me and the other finalist for their Enterprise Architect position, they reached a conclusion: they would not be extending offers to either of us, and in fact, will not hire anyone for the position right now. Maybe they will revisit in 6 months.

Rejection has taken on many forms over these last two months. "We like you, you're perfect in fact, but..."

"... Sales pipeline fell through, and we can't afford to bring anyone on."

"... We're concerned that what you did at IBM is not relevant to our business model."

"... You're too tall, and would intimidate our customers, since they are mostly short."

(Yeah, I made that last one up.)

So I move on. In fact, I had a first interview yesterday with a small-ish ($100M) company that has been in business for 9 years and yet... get this... has never had any sales person. Literally, their product (a suite of Supply Chain Management solutions) has sold itself for 9 years. Of course, they figure it would sell even better if they had some people to, you know, sell it, hence my interview. Went well. Hoping for a follow-on next week.

I also have some interviews set up for later this week for Business Development positions selling IT services. I am getting some conflicting messages on whether this would be a good move, but as time passes, I'm finding less room to picky.

- Aw2pp, who re-certified for unemployment benefits early this morning.

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