Friday, March 27, 2009

Light and Blue

Whew. I had a surprisingly difficult time grabbing an acceptable recording of this. I played it very well at Monday night lessons, and figured it would take five minutes, tops, to reproduce what I had done there. Wrong. Took me most of the week, it turned out.

My only complaint with this otherwise very fun little tune is that the LH starts to get a little repetitive. The suggestion I got for how to deal with this is that the RH (high notes) are where the party is, so let those shine. I tried to mix things up second time through, just for added interest. I'm just not much for improv, so humor me.

Next up: a (very) simplified theme from Liszt's Hungarian Rhapsody #2.

Happy weekend, all. link

light and blue 3-27-2009 -

- Aw2pp, aspiring blues pianist.


AnthonyB said...

Sounds like some progress there Aw2pp. As an added bonus it appears that imeem links are functional for me now. Of course, I still like myself as I know that should always work no matter what.

I'm not sure what blogger thought of the performance as my word verification is "catrif"

Michelle Himes said...

That was really nice. I enjoyed listening to it. So far I've not enjoyed playing any of the Alfred blues pieces, but I really like the sound of this one.