Thursday, December 4, 2008

Working on I Due Fiumi

Lot of snow the last few days. It's like Winter knew. "Hey, it's December, let's let them have it!" Dad was here from Alabama for Thanksgiving, and got outta Dodge exactly 24 hours before the first flakes fell.

I am pleasantly surprised at how quickly this is coming together. The whole piece revolves around measures 44 through 52. I'm doing the Chuan Chang thing on these during the day, a few minutes here and a few minutes there as I get the opportunity. By that, I mean that I am playing these measures over and over, in high repetition, trying to do so correctly at whatever tempo I can manage. Right now, not so fast. But getting faster. At this rate, I may have an initial recording for you in a week or so.


Anonymous said...

Seems like everybody's had snow except us here in NH. Which is perfectly fine by me!

Always Wanted to Play Piano said...

Your time is coming. Buster Olney, who now is a baseball guy at ESPN, was a college buddy (well, acquaintance) at Vanderbilt, and he is from New Hampshire. He says NH has four seasons: Summer, Fall, Winter, and Mud. (On account of all the snow melt when the rest of us are enjoying Spring, apparently.)

Correct? Is that something he came up with himself, or is that some sort of local color thing that everybody says?

Anonymous said...

LOL. Depends on where you live, but, yeah, some areas get pretty bad in Spring. Either mud or flood. Around here, we are getting to where we only have three seasons: Fall (when the leaves are pretty), Winter (when it's far too cold), and Road Construction (when you can't get anywhere in a reasonable amount of time!).