Monday, June 2, 2008

I'm back!

As you might recall, I was in Atlanta last week playing in the US Open National Championships (volleyball, that is). We finished 15th overall, a bit of a disappointment for us. Pictures available on request. Hopefully you didn't miss me too much.

Not much piano-related activity in Atlanta, as you might suspect. While I was there, I stayed with an old college buddy, who has an old Wurlitzer spinet player piano. It's in simply awful shape. If I had to spin its condition in an honest, yet positive statement, it would be something like "Many keys work." I tried to sit down at it and play some of my recent pieces, but simply couldn't bring myself to spend more than 5 minutes at it. Ole Bessie seems like a finely regulated concert grand in comparison.

And yet... AND YET... When I sat down at our piano yesterday, ostensibly to try to recapture some of my lost ground, I found that no such regression had taken place. I picked up EXACTLY where I left off, perhaps even a day or two ahead. Scarborough Fair is done, and I am ready to tackle Raisins and Almonds.

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